Importing other rule files

When the corpus of rules becomes too large, it is possible to split it into multiple of files. It can be done simply like this:

@import "<file path>"


@import "examples/simple-match.rita"

Reusing patterns

You can define (since version 0.5.0+) pattern as a variable:

ComplexNumber = {NUM+, WORD("/")?, NUM?}

{PATTERN(ComplexNumber), WORD("inches"), WORD("Height")}->MARK("HEIGHT")
{PATTERN(ComplexNumber), WORD("inches"), WORD("Width")}->MARK("WIDTH")


You can alias frequently used macros to make their names shorter:

numbers = {"one", "two", "three"}
@alias IN_LIST IL

IL(numbers) -> MARK("NUMBER")

Now using "IL" will actually call "IN_LIST" macro.